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5 Reasons to Hire me as your Certified Autism Travel Professional!

Updated: Mar 9

It occurred to me that while I've been talking a lot about traveling with autism and other disabilities I haven't talked much about what I can do for you as a Certified Autism Travel Professional and Accessible Travel Advocate. ⁣

It's so much more than just booking your vacation! ⁣

5 Reasons to Hire me as your Certified Autism Travel Professional

𝟏. I get to know your family and learn what your needs are so that I can recommend accommodations and destinations that would best meet your needs. I want you to have an amazing trip and I won't throw out a random destination I don't believe will be accommodating. However, if you already have a destination in mind I research to figure out how we can get your needs while you travel there. ⁣

𝟐. I create your itinerary. You tell me what you like to do while you are on vacation and of course, with your input, I create an itinerary that includes everyone. I make sure these give you time to take a sensory break or what have you so that everyone is happy. I want you to go on vacation and enjoy yourselves even during the downtime! ⁣

𝟑. Never traveled before with your special needs loved one? I've got tips and tricks I have used during my travels I extend especially to you. I'll help you sign up for a drill to prep for the airport. I'll get you set up with TSA Cares, do you need respite care while you are on your trip? Mention me to Nichelle if you decide to book! I've got the details on how we can coordinate care! Worried about the kids' clubs? I always make sure beforehand to talk to the kids club for you to make sure they know what your needs are. When I say I have you covered I truly have you covered! ⁣

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𝟒. I handle the entire booking process so you don't have to stress about it. I keep track of payment deadlines, I said payments because yes when working with me I can take payments if you need to make them. This way once your trip is paid in full all you have to do is pack your bags and go. I even have a packing list I sent you before you head out the door! ⁣

𝟓. A friend who's on "your side" and wants you to have a fun, amazing experience and will make that happen. I understand as a parent of a child with autism how difficult it can be to travel. So you have me every step of the way when planning this trip and even during the trip. If anything happens travel-related I am there for you. I will be available to you while you are traveling. I don't want you stuck far away from home without support so I'll be on the phone getting things worked out so you can feel comfort in knowing I've got it all in the works for you! ⁣

These are my 5 Reasons to Hire me as your Certified Autism Travel Professional! The beautiful traveling with your family is that you get to experience and explore the world. I help you plan an unforgettable trip so that you can go traveling without stressing about the details. I even have you covered when looking up things like medication storage options and so much more. I'm here for you and I want you to get out and explore the world with your family. ⁣

Let's work together to plan a trip, simply schedule a time to chat to get started planning.

The author of the blog post and owner of Spectrum Getaways sitting on a beach with 5 Reasons to Hire a Travel Agent on the photos.  This blog post is about hiring both a travel agent and a certified autism travel professional

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