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4 Autism Friendly Places to Visit for MLK Weekend

Updated: Mar 9

A photo of the MLK statue in Washington DC.  There is a title that says Autism Friendly Travel 4 Autism Friednly places to visit for MLK Weekend.  MLK Week is one of the best times to travel.

Do you love to escape “life” for a couple of days during a long weekend? Well, MLK Weekend is one of the best times to travel. Not too many people hit the roads or the air during this weekend. So, it is the perfect time to take an autism-friendly vacation with your family. The best part about traveling to the destinations I am sharing today is that your whole family will get a little history lesson. Of course, you don’t need only to consider these destinations. We can always chat about other autism-friendly destinations perfect for your long weekend away from home.

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4 Autism Friendly Places to Visit for MLK Weekend

The MLK Statue in Washington DC close up.

  1. Montgomery, Alabama

Montgomery is full of history, dating back to the civil rights movement. You can easily choose a few attractions you know your family will enjoy visiting.

I recommend starting at the Civil Rights Memorial Center. It is an excellent place to learn more about the history you will see during your visit. The Legacy Museum is another beautiful place to know the history of racial injustice. You can also check out the National Memorial for Peace and Justice there. It is the first museum dedicated to African Americans affected by slavery and racial injustice.

Dr. King served as pastor at the Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church. He also made one of his infamous speeches in front of the Alabama State Capitol.

The 1965 Voting Rights March was held on the Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail. Dr. King led people along this 45-mile stretch.

  1. Memphis, Tennessee

While in Memphis, you will probably spend a little time at Graceland. Another fascinating place, though, is the National Civil Rights Museum. This museum is located at the Lorraine Motel, where Dr. King was assassinated in 1968.

Your time in this museum will be spent retracing the history of the civil rights movement.

  1. Washington D.C.

Dr. King delivered his “I Had a Dream” speech at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. It is near the Lincoln Memorial and overlooks the Tidal Basin.

While on an autism-friendly vacation in D.C., you should also visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture. This is an immersive experience, so your kids should stay engaged for at least a little while.

A stop at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel will have you wondering what Dr. King was thinking as he put the final touches on his “I Had a Dream” speech while staying there.

  1. Atlanta, Georgia

A visit to Atlanta, Georgia, can have you walking along the same streets Dr. King did as he grew up and becoming the man he was before his assassination. Start at the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site. It takes you through Dr. King’s neighborhood.

You can also visit his birthplace, church, home, and gravesite.

You can see where Dr. King served as a minister and where he was baptized at the International Peace Rose Garden and Ebenezer Baptist Church.

These are the 4 autism-friendly places I recommend visiting for MLK Weekend. This is also the perfect weekend to see one of the US national parks. There is usually no entry fee for this national holiday and a few other holidays during the year. Take advantage of this and check out a national park you want to visit. I can easily plan a trip to any of these destinations for you and make sure every part of your trip is autism-friendly. This will allow you to focus on your family until this long weekend finally arrives and it is time to leave home for a few days. Contact me and eventually realize your dream of conquering the long weekend vacations you have dreamed about!

A photo of the MLK statue inbetween trees in Washington DC a title reads 4 Autims-Friendly Places to go for MLK Holiday

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