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5 Autism Friendly Things to Do in Orlando

A night time photo of downtown Orlando.  There is a title that reads Autism Friendly Travel 5 Autism Friendly Things to do in Orlando.  Orlando is a city known for its amusement parks. Did you know there are tons of autism-friendly things to do in Orlando though?

Orlando is a city known for its amusement parks. Did you know there are tons of autism-friendly things to do in Orlando though? There are! You will discover sensory-friendly experiences and interactive attractions during an autism-friendly vacation in Orlando. There are plenty of activities that can accommodate the needs of people with autism too. I could share so many autism-friendly things to do in Orlando with you. However, today, I thought I would stick to the top five. If you are interested, we can chat about all the other options available to your autistic family.

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5 Autism Friendly Things to Do in Orlando

The Space Ship Earth Ride at EPCOT.  It is a night and the dome is lit up with purple and pink lights.

Visit Gatorland

A photo of a gator resting on a tree stump.

Gatorland is an excellent option for autistic families. You will find numerous sensory-friendly experiences from the moment you arrive. The tranquil environment will ensure your autistic child doesn’t become overstimulated. And yet, your child can see all their favorite animals. You will find gators, crocodiles, snakes, tortoises, birds, and wild cats at Gatorland.

In between animal visits, you can take a ride on the zipline. Or go on an off-road adventure with the gators. Your favorite parts of the day will be simply exploring the grounds and checking things out.

The trained staff will be ready to assist you in any way during your visit.

Visit the Orlando Science Center

A close up photo of a Tesla Coil.

The Orlando Science Center has multiple interactive exhibits your kids will love! They can learn about the Earth, animals, dinosaurs, food, kinetics, and so much more. You will also find live shows held in the Digital Adventure Theater and the Discovery Stage. These shows are designed to be engaging and informative for kids of all ages.

This science center holds many different autism-friendly programs and events throughout the year. One of the popular ones is the Quiet Time Program. I can arrange for you to visit during this time. This will allow your autistic child to interact with the exhibits in a quieter setting without the crowds.

Take a Trip to Discovery Cove

Dolphins in the water.

Discovery Cove is a destination in Orlando that offers the chance to relax in a calm atmosphere. You can explore at your leisure while learning through educational experiences.

This is an all-inclusive day resort. You can choose the activities you want to do when you want to do them. This allows for as much quiet time as your autistic child needs in between learning experiences.

Your day can be spent snorkeling with tropical fish, swimming with dolphins, and feeding birds by hand. The soft sandy beaches will be waiting for you at the end of each adventure.

Other adventures include feeding the rays, mingling with the flamingos, and taking a walking tour under the water. This last one has you wearing a dive helmet. It may or may not be an option, depending on your child.

Watch a Movie at AMC Theater

Movie theater seating.

The AMC Theater in Orlando offers sensory-friendly screenings of movies throughout the year. These are all popular movies. Your family can watch them in a sensory-friendly environment. This includes no bright lights or loud noises.

Visit the Orange County Regional History Center

You will find this museum inside a historic courthouse in downtown Orlando. There are four floors of interactive exhibits that will engage visitors of all ages. The main exhibits include displays about the early settlers, citrus growers, astronauts, and Walt Disney.

Throughout the year, special exhibits will go on display. They even host traveling exhibits from other museums. There is always something new to see at this museum!

Plus, this museum has a quiet room. This is the perfect spot to rest when your autistic child needs a break from the noise and busyness of the museum.

There are so many autism-friendly activities to choose from in Orlando. You are sure to find a few things to do in Orlando that are perfect for your autistic family. Contact me today and let me plan your amazing vacation in Orlando. You will love all the autism-friendly things you can do outside of the theme parks in this city.

Downton Orlando at Sunset.  There is a title that reads 5 Fun & Autism Friendly Things to do in Orlando Besides Disney Spectrum Getaways

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