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Autism Friendly Things to Do During a Vacation in Singapore

A photo of the tree forest in singapore there is a title that says Autism Friendly things to do during a vacation in Singapore.  Asia is becoming quite the popular travel destination. If you have been considering traveling to Asia, I highly recommend visiting Singapore.

Asia is becoming a pretty popular travel destination. If you have been considering traveling to Asia, I highly recommend visiting Singapore. This beautiful city has a cultural atmosphere, stunning architecture, and delicious cuisine. Add plenty of autism-friendly activities and adventures, and you have the perfect place for a family vacation. If you are struggling to see how a vacation in Singapore could be autism-friendly, keep reading to see why this city is so magical for autistic families like yours. Let's check out Autism Friendly Singapore!

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Autism Friendly Things to Do During a Vacation in Singapore

Check Out the Dinosaurs at Changi Jurassic Mile

A photo of Changi Mile.

If you have a dinosaur lover in your family, you will want to see the Changi Jurassic Mile. This outdoor display contains more than twenty dinosaurs. Everyone will love spotting the velociraptors, t-rex, and other prehistoric creatures. 

Among all those dinosaurs are massive eggs, from which baby dinosaurs may be hatching. Take a few pictures to remember these moments. 

Get the Wiggles Out at Jurong Lake Gardens

 Yuan Ching Road, Jurong Lake Gardens, Singapore

Jurong Lake Gardens may sound like a tranquil destination. However, it is one of the best places to eliminate the wiggles. 

Fly across the zipline. Conquer the obstacle courses. Or hop on a sunken trampoline during your visit. 

This area is designed for families who want to be outside, enjoying nature together. 

Relax at the Beach on Sentosa Island

Escaping the city is easy when you visit the Sentosa Island beach. You can reach this island via the Sentosa Express train or cable car. 

The best beach on this island is Palawan Beach. A suspension bridge will lead you to this beach filled with coconut palm trees and soft white sand. 

Have Fun at Universal Studios Singapore

A photo of the Universal Glove at Universal Studios Singapore

Another amazing thing to do on Sentosa Island is visit Universal Studios Singapore. This park has six themed zones: Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, and Far Far Away. 

During your visit, you can meet all your favorite characters, go on your favorite rides, and watch a show or two. It is usually best to purchase an Express Pass to avoid waiting in long lines. 

Take a Ride on the Singapore Flyer

One of the best ways to see views during your autism friendly vacation in Singapore is to ride on the Singapore Flyer. This observation wheel reaches five hundred and forty-one feet above the city. 

The Singapore Flyer takes thirty minutes to complete a rotation. During that time, your family can appreciate views of the South China Sea, Marina Bay, and Downtown Singapore. 

Experience a Singapore River Cruise

Have you ever ridden on a bumboat? If you haven’t, you can add it to your list of things to do while on vacation in Singapore. 

You can take one of these river cruises at any time. However, the best time to take one is at night when the banks of the river are lit up from the nearby shops, restaurants, and bars. 

Visit Little India

A photo of Little India in Singapore at nighttime.

Little India is one of Singapore's dynamic neighborhoods. On its streets, you will find street food stalls, mosques, temples, restaurants, and flower vendors. 

You will even find painted murals scattered throughout this neighborhood. 

It does get busy in Little India. To avoid the hustle and bustle, you may want to plan your visit for early in the day when everything is just opening up. 

Wander Through Chinatown

Chinatown is another destination that gets quite busy. Yet, it should be near the top of your list of places to see during a vacation in Singapore. 

You will see Sri Mariamman Temple and Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Chinatown. Watch for the street art created by famed local artist Yip Yew Chong. 

Eat dragon fruit while walking along Smith Street. Take pictures of the red lantern garlands along Pagoda Street. Finish your visit with a hearty meal at Maxwell Food Center. The menu offers many local dishes. 

Enjoy Winter Fun at Snow City

The weather in Singapore is always tropical. Therefore, you would never think you would ever see snow during your vacation in Singapore. But you can if you choose to visit Snow City! 

This winter wonderland offers three stories of fun. You can zip down the snow slope, play in the Inuit home or snow playground, compete in a paintball shootout at the winter shooting arena, or check out the ice gallery. 

This is just one of the unique autism friendly adventures you can have while visiting Singapore!

Listen to a Story at Woods in the Books

Do you always miss going to storytime when you are on vacation? Well, during a vacation in Singapore, you can attend storytime at Woods in the Books. 

This bookstore specializes in picture books. But you never know what other literary delights you will find while you are browsing. 

Visit for storytime and purchase some books to enjoy during your plane ride home. 

Fly Kites at Marina Barrage

Marina Barrage is popular due to its three-hundred-sixty-degree views of the Bay Area. However, you will also find this is an excellent place to fly kites. 

Join the local families during a kite-flying adventure and have a little fun. There aren’t too many places for kites to get stuck here, so you won’t spend half your time tugging a kite out of a tree. 

A photo of ice cream with pinks, yellow and white.  There are mint leaves and blueberries spinkled on top.

Visit the Museum of Ice Cream

One of the exhibits is a yellow jungle filled with ten thousand bananas. There is also a giant snow globe, a pink forest, and a sprinkle pool. 

There are so many other autism friendly activities you can choose from when you decide to vacation in Singapore. Of course, you will want to select the activities you know your autistic family will want to do. And you won’t want to pack your days with too many activities or your autistic child will quickly become overwhelmed. 

So, how can you plan a fabulous autism friendly vacation in Singapore every member of your family will love without getting completely stressed out? You work with a Certified Autism Travel Advisor like myself! Not only am I certified in autism friendly travel, but I am also a mom to two autistic boys. So, I understand your struggles, concerns, and even your triumphs. Let’s chat about how I can plan your vacation in Singapore so you can see this gorgeous destination and enjoy the family time you will have while you are there. 

A photo of the tree forest in Singapore and the fountains.  There is a title that reads Autism Friendly singapore

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