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Best Destinations for a Family Vacation

Updated: Mar 9

An underwater photo with teal water.  There is a title thta reads Best Destinations for a family vacation.  There are thousands of places to see right here in the US.  Each destination will offering something unique your whole family will love.

After this past winter, I think everyone is a little stir-crazy and ready to get out and explore. I know I can’t wait for a couple long-anticipated vacations with my family! Have you given much thought to family vacations recently? There are thousands of places to see right here in the US. Each destination will offer something unique your whole family will love. As a travel advisor, I enjoy matching families to destinations. It is so much fun to learn what my clients love and then plan a vacation around those things. I would love to help you find the perfect destination for your next family vacation as well. To get inspired, check out these best destinations for a family vacation.

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The owner of Spectrum Getaways.  She is holding her youngest son in her arms and her oldest son has his arm wrapped around her shoulder.

Best Destinations for a Family Vacation

A photo of Yellowstone's National Park's Old Faithful.

Yellowstone National Park

The great outdoors is waiting for you with open arms and there is no better place to embrace it than Yellowstone National Park! Hot springs with multicolored pools are waiting to be photographed and you won’t want to miss the eruption of Old Faithful. When you are not paying attention to the water, your eyes will be focused on the beauty of the meadows and forest.

The 2.2 million acres of space will mean you will have large spaces to yourself unless you are at Old Faithful. You can take advantage of all this space by hiking the trails and checking out the wildlife. The Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center is another option for making sure you see the wildlife you want to see during your visit.

San Diego, California

San Diego gives you the best of both worlds for vacation, because you get the big city life and the beach all in one. When you are not walking the city streets, you will find yourself inside Balboa Park. That park is where you will find many museums, as well as the zoo.

When it is time to relax, you can head over to La Jolla Shores or Mission Beach for some swimming and time in the sun. These are the best beaches for families, so you will never need to worry about your kids getting lost in the shuffle.

Outer Banks, North Carolina

Do you love being away from the hustle and bustle when you are on family vacations? The Outer Banks is the perfect solution! This chain of barrier islands offers thrilling adventures at Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Your kids will also love conquering the tallest living sand dune on the East Coast over at Jockey’s Ridge State Park.

History is everywhere in the Outer Banks, so it is a good place for the family to learn something without even realizing it. Stories about Blackbeard are everywhere, and you can see exactly where the Wright Brothers took their very first flight. You won’t want to miss the views from the lighthouses and the shopping opportunities at all the beach shops too.

A child with a red shirt on is starting out at the waves of the Sanibel Island's beach.

Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island is the perfect destination in Florida when you want fun in the sun without a lot of people. This casual yet luxurious area will have you being treated like royalty and you will never want to leave the island to go anywhere else.

Your days can be spent on the beach, while swimming, shelling, and building sandcastles. Despite the small size of the island, you will find galleries to explore and multiple places to go shopping. While you may be content doing all that, I do recommend making the journey over to Captiva Island. The beauty there will more than makeup for losing your place on Sanibel’s sandy beach.

Mystic, Connecticut

Mystic might be a small village instead of a big city, but there is plenty to keep your family occupied. Plus, it is easy to explore other areas of the state and even head over to the beaches of Rhode Island for a day.

When you arrive in Mystic, you must have a plan in place, or you will never see everything on your list. Every family is different, but you must make sure the Mystic Aquarium and Mystic Seaport is on your itinerary. The small shops in Olde Mystick Village are an excellent place to grab unique souvenirs or even a bite to eat. And since you can easily walk through this village, you never need to worry about moving your car or parking too much.

I recommend taking the time to watch the bridge rise to let boats go through because it is something you do not see in many places nowadays.

A photo of French Quarter Balcony in New Orleans.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans could be the city you have been waiting to explore on your next family vacation. While this city is often known as a party destination, many areas are child-friendly during the day. I would love to book one of the kid-friendly tours through the French Quarter and make sure you have directions to Café du Monde for delicious beignets.

You won’t want to discount a day inside the Louisiana Children’s Museum during your visit. I always make sure a dinner cruise, or at least a sightseeing cruise is on the list too, so you can see the city from a different perspective. And if your kids are into ghosts, wandering through the many cemeteries in this city during the day is always a good option.

These are some of the best destinations for a family vacation. There are many others you can choose from, but your options will be dependent on the activities you want to enjoy with your family.

Ready to plan your next family vacation?

If you are ready to plan your next family vacation to one of these destinations or another one, I would like to invite you to schedule a planning session by clicking here. When you click this link, you will be taken to my digital calendar. There you will be able to set up a convenient time for us to connect.

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