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Experience an Autism Friendly Vacation in Shanghai

A photo of the caster at Shanghai Disneyland.  There is a title that reads Autism Friendly Travel.  Experience an autism Friendly Vacation in Shanghai.  Shanghai is a destination many people love.  However, as an autistic family, you may be hesitant to visit a city that is always bustling with sights and sounds.

Shanghai is a destination many people love. However, as an autistic family, you may be hesitant to visit a city that is always bustling with sights and sounds. If you are worried about sensory overload, I completely understand. But there are a few places in Shanghai your family can visit for autism friendly experiences. Today, I will share what an autism friendly vacation in Shanghai can look like for your family. You may be surprised with what is possible when you choose to visit Shanghai for your next vacation. 

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Experience an Autism Friendly Vacation in Shanghai

Visit Shanghai Disneyland

A photo fo a ride at Shanghai disneyland

One of the main reasons people flock to Shanghai is the opportunity to visit Shanghai Disneyland. If your family loves Disney, you will want to see this theme park! 

I must warn you that the lines at Shanghai Disneyland can get long, even on those days when you don’t feel like there are too many people at the park. 

This is why I highly recommend requesting the Disability Pass when you arrive. The process of obtaining the Disability Pass is pretty simple. You fill out a form and provide Guest Services with proof of your child’s disability. 

Once you have been given the Disability Pass, you can take it to one of the rides to receive a return time. This ensures you won’t need to stand in line forever as you wait for your turn. Instead, you can quickly go and do something else and return at the designated time. 

You may also want to purchase a FastPass to avoid using a return time for the most popular rides. Combining these two passes will allow you to go on even more rides during your visit. 

You can use an app to plan your day at Shanghai Disneyland. Or you can list the rides you want to go on and plan your time in the park accordingly. 

Remember that you can enter Sleeping Beauty Castle at Shanghai Disneyland. Make sure you add time for that, as well as to walk around to see the zodiac signs in the Zodiac Garden. Read more to Experience an Autism-Friendly Vacation in Shanghai!

Explore Yu Yuan Gardens

A quieter place to explore during an autism friendly vacation in Shanghai is Yu Yuan Gardens. These stunning Chinese gardens are full of walkways to wander along. 

Check out the koi fish in the ponds. You may even want to shop for souvenirs at booths scattered around the gardens. 

Check Out the Shanghai Insect Museum

If your autistic family screams at the sight of an insect, you may want to skip the Shanghai Insect Museum. There are more than one million insects on display at this museum. Your kids will love interacting with many of those exhibits. But only if they love insects! 

Take a Boat Ride on the Huangpu River

A boat ride along the Huangpu River is an excellent way to see Shanghai from a different perspective. Ride along the waterfront, as you check out Shanghai architecture. I recommend doing this at night if you can, so you can see all the buildings lit up. 

Take in the Amazing Views from the Oriental Pearl Tower

Walk Through the Tunnel at Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

A five-hundred-foot tunnel will take your autistic family to see marine life within coral reefs, kelp caves, shark coves, and open ocean exhibits. Everyone will enjoy seeing some unique creatures, as well as your personal favorites. 

The weedy seadragon and water jet fish are two of this aquarium's most popular types of marine life. But don’t skip past all the other creatures you will see swimming in the water. 

Build a Masterpiece at the Legoland Discovery Center

Lego lovers will want to spend a few hours at the Legoland Discovery Center in Shanghai. This indoor playground is the perfect place to let your child’s imagination run wild, as they think of creative ways to build with Lego blocks. 

There are other autism-friendly things to do during your Shanghai vacation. I would love to share them with you, as I am planning your autism-friendly vacation in Shanghai. Let’s connect so we can start getting your autistic family ready to explore a new destination together. You won’t regret the memories you create during your autism-friendly vacation in Shanghai or any other destination you visit. After all, travel is for everyone, so get out there and see the world with your family! 

A photo of the Shanghai Sky Line.  There is a title that reads Experience Autism Friendly Shanghai

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