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The owner of Spectrum Getaways with her two sons at a beach in Florida.
The owner of Spectrum Getaways with her oldest son at the Colorado Rockies.
The logo of Spectrum Getaways.

Spectrum Getaways

I created Spectrum Getaways as an answer to my own dilemma of wanting to vacation with my autistic son but didn’t know where to travel, what to do when I got there, and how to provide my son with an experience that was enjoyable for him without triggering him in any way. 

You may think you can’t travel with an autistic family member but I’m here to tell that I’ve developed a system that works no matter the complexity of your itinerary. I can help you create solutions to questions like:

  • What about their routine?

  • What about therapy appointments?

  • Can medical equipment be taken on vacation? If so, how? 

  • How can I help a family member with autism when we are on vacation? 

what you'll love


As a Travel Advisor, and certified Autism Travel professional, I have proven resources on everything from autism friendly airlines and hotels to resorts and cruises with autism friendly itinerary and amenities. 


You’ll will be prepared, knowledgeable, and confident in your ability to navigate vacation travel with your autistic loved one.


Your vacation will be packed with autism friendly activities that create positive memories for your loved ones – because isn’t that the goal at the end of the day? To create memories, and cement positive, loving family connection?

Meet Me.

Aloha! I’m Dina, your Certified Autism Travel Advisor!

Planning a vacation for a family is tough! The email correspondence, the research, the phone calls, more research, reworking ideas that won’t work, even more research, creating an itinerary, and did I mention research? Planning a vacation for a family can almost feel like a full-time job and as a parent – you’re already working OVERTIME!

Now take that and add in the meltdowns common to autistic children, toddler tantrums, managing luggage for multiple people, navigating airports that are more like mazes, and successful exploration of new destinations – without triggering your little one – and the idea of a vacation can seem like something you want nothing to do with.

A view of Cinderella Castle at the Tokyo Disneyland Resort.
The owner of Spectrum Getaways with Mickey ears on an a purple jersey.  She is near a branch of flowers that are pink

Trust me – I understand!

When my oldest son received his autism diagnosis, I just knew that our days of travel as a family were OVER. I was nervous about his reaction to new places and people – and the threat of sensory overload and its effects almost made me give up on traveling as a family all together! Then one day my son told me that he wanted to visit the National Mall in Washington DC. I knew I couldn’t put him in the position to deny him experiences simply because of his diagnosis, but how was I going to plan a vacation that was both memorable for us and meet his needs as a child with autism?

I didn’t know that autism-friendly vacations existed, and after becoming a travel advisor in 2018, I began extensive research to see if I could find anything like this to support my son. My research led me to become a Certified Autism Travel Professional and equipped me with the tools and confidence to build vacations that were autism-friendly for my family. The benefit of this was two-fold for me because I got to keep traveling but also one of my passions was actualized because I get to help other parents with autistic children provide beautiful travel experiences with their children as well! I was creating a community of little world travelers – who happened to have autism.

What Clients Say

"Dina was fantastic at really getting to know our family and our current situation to make sure that this vacation was as great as could be for us!  She was incredibly personable and easy to talk to every step of the way."


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