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5 Autism Friendly Things to Do in Tokyo

A sunset photo of Tokyo There is a title that says Autism Friendly Travel 5 Autism Friendly things to do in Tokyo. Tokyo is a fascinating city in Japan. If your autistic child loves architecture, they will enjoy seeing all the futuristic architectural designs in this city.

Tokyo is a fascinating city in Japan. If your autistic child loves architecture, they will enjoy seeing all the futuristic architectural designs in this city. Of course, this is also a destination that offers unique cultural events, ancient traditions, and fun activities. Now, you may be wondering whether Tokyo and the rest of Japan, is autism friendly. I can assure you that Japan, and Tokyo, are autism-friendly if you know how to plan your trip there. Knowing the best autism-friendly things to do in Tokyo will also help you enjoy your entire vacation in Japan.

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5 Autism Friendly Things to Do in Tokyo

A Tokyo Street at night. There are right lights with purples lights along the street.

1. Visit the Mori Building Digital Art Museum

This is an interactive museum with plenty of engaging activities for children of all ages. A good part of a day can be spent at the Mori Building Digital Art Museum.

Throughout your visit, your family will have the opportunity to lie down on a giant rope cobweb or check out the wall waterfall. You can choose whether or not you want to find any of the ten hidden rooms. And hopefully, no one will resist climbing a tree in a luminous forest.

No matter where your adventures take you inside this museum, it is best to experience it all through the eyes of your child. This means no rushing, as you embrace the relaxing atmosphere of each exhibit.

2. Visit the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum

Your autistic family will capture a glimpse of the history of Tokyo inside this museum. Many of the buildings at the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum are from the Meiji Period. That period was from 1868 through 1912. You will see other newer buildings scattered throughout the older ones. Each building was either relocated or reconstructed to ensure its authenticity.

There are quite a few interactive displays and hands-on activities to keep everyone engaged at this museum. You won’t want to miss spending time near the Tokyo Toden streetcar model during your visit.

One of the best times to visit this museum is in the fall. This is when special illumination events are held at night.

3. Catch a Show at Tokyo Disneyland or DisneySea

Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea offer plenty of shows and attractions that will entertain families of all ages. You can currently see shows like Club Mouse Beat, Jamboree Mickey Let’s Dance, and Mickey’s Magical Music World.

Both Disney parks in Tokyo offer designated quiet rooms for people with special needs too. This means your family will have a place to go and unwind if your autistic child was overstimulated while watching a show.

4. Visit the Sensō-ji Temple

This is an iconic Buddhist temple. It is the oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo. When you arrive at this temple, you will enter through Thunder Gate or Kaminari-mon. Nakamise-Dori, which is an area filled with stores and food vendors, is just before the main hall. The Treasure House Gate, or Hozomon, is the entrance to the inner area of the temple.

Autistic families will love the tranquil atmosphere of this temple. Your family can walk around the grounds, enjoying the quiet. The food and shop area may be slightly crowded, and overstimulating. You may want to avoid this area. However, if you decide to stop there, you will have a quiet area nearby.

Go behind the last block of shops and you will see Denbo-in. It is a smaller Buddhist temple that has a secret garden. You will find the peace your autistic child needs to find their calm once again.

5. Participate in a Cooking Class

You will discover many cooking classes in Tokyo. Each one offers fun, interactive ways to learn more about Japanese cuisine. It is possible to find a cooking class for all age levels, so your entire family can experience the local foods together.

These are five autism-friendly things to do in Tokyo. There are others, so you will have plenty of options to fill your days when you take a vacation in Japan. I can help you find other activities and attractions that will work for your autistic family. I will keep your family's needs in mind, considering the different opportunities available in this exciting destination. Simply contact me and I will start planning an incredible vacation in Tokyo for your family.

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