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Autism-Friendly Vacation in Cancun

A sunset photo of Cancun of the hotel zone.  There are yellow lights with the waves crashing on the shore.  There is a title that says Autism Friendly Travel Autism Friendly Vacation in Cancun. Mexico can be an amazing destination for family vacations.  There are plenty of towns and cities to choose from for your time away from home.

Mexico can be an amazing destination for family vacations. There are plenty of towns and cities to choose from for your time away from home. However, as a parent of an autistic child, you may want to choose to vacation in Cancun. It is one of the more autism-friendly vacation destinations in Mexico. The variety of activities will ensure your autistic family enjoys every minute of your vacation time. Plus, there are numerous ways you can spend your time without having anyone go into sensory overload. Today, I am going to share how your family can fall in love with an autism-friendly vacation in Cancun.

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Autism-Friendly Vacation in Cancun

Autism-Friendly Accommodations in Cancun

A day time photo of the hotel zone in Cancun.

When you begin planning an autism-friendly vacation in Cancun, you will want to consider your accommodation options carefully. There are plenty of hotels and resorts to choose from in Cancun.

As a parent of two autistic boys, and a certified autism travel advisor, I recommend choosing an all-inclusive resort in Cancun. These resorts offer all the comforts of home, plus the amenities your autistic family will want to use the most.

The guest rooms and suites are spacious at the all-inclusive resorts. Multiple swimming pools and play areas ensure the kids can get their wiggles out. And the numerous restaurants are perfect for getting what your family wants to eat at every meal.

Everything is included at these resorts too, which means you eat whenever you want and do whatever you want throughout your stay.

Autism-Friendly Things to Do in Cancun

Visit the Ruins

A photo of Chichen Itza in Cancun.

There are plenty of historical ruins near Cancun, which is perfect for history-loving children. The Chichén Itzá ruins are the most popular. If your autistic child doesn’t do well with crowds though, I recommend heading over to the El Rey ruins.

These ruins are closer to the Hotel Zone in Cancun. They are not as crowded. And they are the perfect spot for checking out the iguanas that are native to the area. Those iguanas live amongst the ruins.

Play at the Beach

You will discover quite a few beaches in and around Cancun. Playa Marlin is a nice, beautiful beach near the Hotel Zone. It is the perfect option if your resort is not directly on the beach or you want to check out another Cancun beach during your vacation.

The most kid-friendly beach in Cancun is Playa Tortugas. And the beach where you will find the most locals is Playa Delfines.

Explore Downtown Cancun

Most of the locals spend the majority of their time in the Downtown Cancun area. This is an excellent place to spend time with the locals while learning more about the local culture.

As you walk along Avenida Tulum, you will discover numerous shops. This is a great place to grab a few souvenirs to take home. Although, it is a better area to try some of the local cuisines from the street vendors.

Swim in the Cenotes

If your autistic family loves swimming, do not think you must spend all your time at the resort pool or the beach. Instead, head out to one of the nearby cenotes for a unique experience.

The cenotes formed within limestone caves. They are filled with water from the underground river system. The usually crystal-clear water makes an excellent option for a little downtime.

Take a Pirate Dinner Cruise

Pirate dinner cruises are popular in Cancun. As long as your autistic child is ready for an adventure, you can head out on the water in a replica of an 18th-century galleon. During your dinner cruise, your family can listen to pirate stories while taking in the views of the shoreline.

Visit the Interactive Aquarium

The Interactive Aquarium can be found within La Isla Shopping Village. This small aquarium is a wonderful place to see marine life. It is easy to see everything within an hour or so, but you can linger for as long as you want.

During your visit, everyone in your family may have the chance to feed a shark or touch the sea turtles or manta rays.

Have Fun at Xcaret Theme Park

Boats at the Xcaret Theme Park

Xcaret Theme Park is a unique place to visit. This natural waterpark offers underground rivers, dolphin pools, and a butterfly pavilion. Part of your day can even be spent wandering through a replica of a Mayan village or attending a traditional Mexican fiesta.

Another fun waterpark is the All Ritmo Water Park. This waterpark can be found at the All Ritmo Resort. You do not need to be a guest at the resort to have fun at this waterpark though! Simply purchase a day pass and have an entire day of fun. Your pass includes access to all the water slides, which are designed for people of all ages, as well as unlimited food and drinks.

Hang Out in Parque Las Palapas

Parque Las Palapas is one of the best parks in Cancun. This is the perfect place to go to let the kids play on the playgrounds. You can even rent bicycles and take a ride around the park. This park isn’t that busy most days of the week. However, on Sundays, it can get crowded near El Cristo Rey. It is the oldest cathedral in the city and lots of people arrive to attend mass. All those people linger in the park afterward.

As you can see, there are so many ways Cancun is an autism-friendly destination for vacations. As a certified autism travel professional, I can plan an autism-friendly vacation in Cancun for your family. Simply contact me and we will get the process started. Allow me to use my expertise to create an incredible vacation that will include your autistic family’s needs and wants. The result will be a fabulous trip that will have you ready to see more of the world with your family.

A photo of the Cancun sign in Cancun. There is a title that says 5 Autism & Family Friendly Autism-Friendly Things to do in Cancun!  Spectrum Getaways

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