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Autism Friendly Vacation in Greece

There is a title that reads Autism Friendly Vacation in Greece.  There are autism friendly destinations all over the world.  You simply, just need to know which one of those autism friendly destiations is perfect for your next family vacation.

There are autism friendly destinations all over the world. You just need to know which one of those autism friendly destinations is perfect for your next family vacation! If you have been thinking about vacationing someplace warm with your family, let me recommend one of the Greek Islands. It is easy to plan an autism friendly vacation in Greece, as long as you choose the right island. Today, I am sharing the best Greek Islands for your next autism friendly vacation in Greece. 

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Autism Friendly Vacation in Greece

Okay, before I discuss the best Greek Islands for your autism-friendly vacation, let’s discuss what makes Greece such an amazing place. First, your autistic family will love spending time at the stunning beaches. 

There is much history to learn about these islands, too. History lovers will want to know a little about it during your stay. 

As for the food, most of it is kid-friendly. So, you won’t need to worry about your autistic child having a meltdown because they can’t find anything they want to eat. 

Oh, and it is easy to island hop if you don’t want to stick to one island during your vacation in Greece. 

Best Greek Islands for Your Autism Friendly Vacation in Greece


A photo of a lighthouse on the island of Crete.

Autistic families usually visit the island of Crete, because of the spectacular beaches. However, there are so many other things to enjoy on the largest island in Greece. 

Autism Friendly Things to Do on Crete

Experience the Best Beach

A favorite beach in Crete is Elafonisi Beach. Depending on when you visit, you may find this beach covered in pink sand. The pink comes from the very tiny pink shells that rise from the ocean floor. 

The water to the right of this beach is calm and shallow. The other side of the beach offers steady winds perfect for windsurfing. 

You should consider visiting Frangokastello Beach, Balos Beach and Lagoon, and Platanias Beach. 

Explore Amazonas Park

When you explore Amazonas Park, a few animals you will see are lemurs, donkeys, cockatoos, and macaws. You can feed the donkeys and lemurs during your visit. 

Meet a Few Dinosaurs at Dinosauria Park

If you have never been to an animatronic dinosaur park, add it to your itinerary in Crete. You can see what dinosaur eggs and babies look like at the Dinosaur General Hospital. 

The theater shows thrilling 5D and 7D dinosaur movies. Add in the other interactive activities, and your family will be ready to stay for a few hours. 

Explore Crete on the Little Fun Train

Riding a choo-choo train is possible when you take an autism friendly vacation in Crete. The Little Fun Train will take you along Crete’s rugged landscape. See the coastline, as well as a few of the charming villages, during your ride. 

This train will make a few stops along the way. So, you will be able to explore a few areas before arriving back at the train station. 

Explore Fascinating Caves

There are a few caves you can explore while vacationing in Crete. Each cave has historical and cultural significance. A guided tour is the best way to learn the most about the cave you visit. 

Some caves to consider visiting include Ideon Andron Cave, Melidoni Cave, and Sfendoni Cave. 

Have Some Water Fun at Watercity Waterpark

Most people believe that since they are vacationing in Greece, they shouldn’t visit a water park. However, the Watercity Waterpark is one water park you won’t want to miss. Free-fall slides and hydro tubes will get your heart racing. 

Calmer experiences include the lazy river and kiddie pools. And if you want to be competitive, play a water game or two. 

A photo of Santorini at sunset.  There are lights on and blues and teals and oranges.


Okay, I know Santorini is one of the Greek Islands many travelers consider for couples searching for romantic adventures. But you will love this Greek Island for family adventures, too! Especially if you have a volcano-loving kid in your family. 

Autism Friendly Things to Do in Santorini

Participate in Water Sports

You won’t know where to start when it comes to playing in the water in Santorini. Yes, you can swim at the beach. However, you may also want to consider paddleboarding, water skiing, and parasailing. 

A catamaran cruise is another option if you have an autistic child who doesn’t want to do other water sports. I recommend taking one of the volcano boat tours. There are a few different ones to choose from. Your family will want to consider the one that allows you to see active craters and hot springs. 

Have Fun in the Sun at the Beach

There are quite a few kid-friendly beaches in Santorini. Perissa Beach is covered in black sand and is separated from Kamari Beach by a hill. 

Another black sand beach is Perivolos Beach. This is one of the quieter beaches on the island. 

Shallow water can be found at Monolithos Beach, while red sand covers Red Beach.

Explore the Castles and Fortresses

There are five castles and fortresses on the island of Santorini. Start by exploring Skaros Rock. It offered protection from pirates at one time and is the most popular of them all. 

Sunsets are appreciated from the Castle of Agios and panoramic views of the Aegean Sea can be seen from the Castle in Pyrgos.  

See the Cave Homes in Vothonas

Everyone in your family will want to see the cave homes and unique architectural features in Vothonas. Once you have seen all of those, stop into the Wine Museum in an underground cave. Afterward, you can sample a little wine while the kids drink juice. 


A photo of a boat in Naxos

One of the most child-friendly islands in Greece is Naxos. You will find multiple hotels and resorts that are family-friendly. Plus, you can easily find the balance your autistic family needs when being active and enjoying downtime. 

Autism Friendly Things to Do in Naxos

Go Swimming at Agios St. George

Agios St. George is considered the best beach for families in Naxos. It has a shallow area for younger children. The best part is that you will find plenty of local families to hang out with while you are visiting this beach. Oh, and it is close to town, so you shouldn’t need to venture too far from your hotel to reach it. 

Wander Around Naxos Town

Grab a drink before walking along the harbor and the narrow streets of Naxos Town. Amazing views can be seen from almost everywhere in this charming town. 

This town has quite a few cats wandering the streets. See how many your family can spot during your walks! 

Visit the Olive Museum

Does your family love olives or olive oil? If you do, head over to the Olive Museum. This museum is one of the oldest olive mills on the island. You can tour the mill and learn how olive oil was produced in the late 1800s. 

After your tour, taste some of the olive oils and other olive oil-based treats. 

Create a Marble Sculpture

If your autistic family loves to be hands-on, let me plan for you to attend a marble sculpting workshop. An expert teacher will show you all you need to know to carve your piece of marble into a masterpiece. 

A photo of ruins in Rhodes


Looking for a beach resort vacation in Greece? If you said yes, Rhodes may be the best Greek Island for your autistic family! It is important to understand that this island is closer to Turkey than the Greek mainland. Keep that in mind if you want to visit other destinations in Greece during your vacation. 

Autism Friendly Things to Do in Rhodes

Grab Ice Cream in the Old Town of Rhodes

The kids will love all the ice cream shops you discover in the Old Town of Rhodes. Grab a cone or dish before wandering around to see the sights. 

One of the most popular places in Old Town is the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights. You won’t need to stay long to appreciate the palace's mosaics and artwork. 

Play Games at the Rhodes Toy Museum

The Rhodes Toy Museum displays old vintage toys. You will love seeing these long-forgotten toys, and your kids will probably be amused by what was considered a toy in your younger years. 

Before you leave, head to the classic video game section. Then, see if the kids can beat you while playing the video games you grew up with. 

Experience Water Fun at Rhodes Water Park

The Rhodes Water Park's thrilling water slides will keep the entire family’s heart racing. Younger kids will prefer exploring the pirate ship at the splash pool. Everyone can enjoy some downtime on the lazy river. 


The island of Corfu in Greece

Corfu is another large Greek Island. This island can get quite crowded during peak season. Therefore, I always recommend visiting during the shoulder season to avoid some of the crowds. Visiting during these times will also ensure you have ample options for accommodations at all-inclusive resorts. 

Autism Friendly Things to Do in Corfu

Have Fun at Aqualand Corfu Water Park

This water park is always near the top of the list of things to do for families visiting Corfu. Everyone will find a water slide, pool, or water sport to keep them busy for hours. 

Learn About Greek Mythology at the Achilleion Palace

The Achilleion Palace is just outside Corfu Town. While looking at the different statues, visitors can learn about Greek mythology. Make sure you take your camera out to capture the gorgeous sea views from this palace. 

Go for a Horseback Ride

If your autistic child is not afraid of horses and loves to ride, a horseback ride is a great way to see more of this island. A guide can take you to lush areas or show you a charming village. 

Head to Barbati Beach

Spending time at the beach is a must while on vacation in Greece. Barbati Beach is the local’s favorite beach in Corfu. In fact, not too many tourists are aware this beach even exists. 

I recommend visiting this beach during the week. It is more crowded on the weekends when the locals are ready for some fun in the sun after a long week at work. 

As you can see, there are many autism-friendly things to do and see during vacations in Greece. Let’s chat to find the perfect Greek Island for your next autism friendly vacation. Then I can plan the best itinerary for your autistic family’s needs so that you can enjoy your favorite vacation.

There are photos of Santorini at sunset there is a title that reads Autism Friendly Greece.

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