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Best Autism Friendly Things to Do in Guam

Updated: Mar 9

A sunset photo of a beach in Guam.  There is a title that reads Autism Friendly Travel Best Autism Friendly Things to do in Guam.  Guam is a spectacular vacation destination.  This island has stunning beaches.  Delicious cuisine.

Guam is a spectacular vacation destination. This island has stunning beaches, delicious cuisine, and year-round temperatures that average around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Add in the culture, and you will have an autism-friendly destination your entire family will love. If you contact me, I can plan a fantastic vacation in Guam for you. Today, I am going to share all the autism-friendly things to do in Guam. This way, you will have an idea of how much fun every member of your family will have.

Best Autism-Friendly Things to Do in Guam

A shot of a beach in Guam.

Visit Talofofo Falls Park

Many of the waterfalls in Guam are challenging to access. Especially if you have an autistic child who does not like to walk a lot, thankfully, you can still see one of the best waterfalls in Guam during your vacation. There is a waterfall inside Talofofo Falls Park. You can take a cable car ride to and from the falls. It’s the perfect solution to keep walking to a minimum! Not standing in front of this waterfall, you may wander around Sergeant Yokoi’s cave and explore the museum and funhouse. There are even rides to go on.

Enjoy the Water at the Natural Pools at Inarajan

The Inajaran Pools aren’t located at the beach. But they aren’t true swimming pools either. They are natural wonders where water from the ocean forms these pools. Some of the pools are quite shallow during low tide. The rest of the day brings more water for swimming adventures. I recommend taking a picnic lunch with you to spend as much time at these pools as you like.

Visit a Waterpark

There are multiple waterparks in Guam. Older kids will prefer the water rides at Onward or Tarza. Those autistic children who are younger will have a lot more fun at the Pacific Islands Club. Swim at the Beach. Since Guam is an island, it only makes sense that you can visit many beaches during your vacation. If your family loves to snorkel, I recommend Gab Gab Beach or Fish Eye Beach. Swimmers prefer the water at Jeff’s Pirate Cove Beach or Ypao Beach. However, Gab Gab Beach is perfect for swimming too.

Check Out the Marine Life at Under Water World

Under Water World is an aquarium located in Tumon. You will see many marine life as your family wanders through this aquarium. The turtles, sharks, and dolphins may be your kids’ favorites. Or they may choose another animal to spend hours looking at.

These are some of the most autism-friendly things to do in Guam. If your autistic child loves water, they will be thrilled with all the autism-friendly stuff I mentioned above. I know they won’t be able to resist the aquarium or swimming at the beach. I can share many other autism-friendly activities in Guam while planning your autism-friendly vacation there. This was my list of the Best Autism-Friendly Things to Do in Guam. I will cater those activities to your family’s needs so everyone will enjoy every minute of your trip. Contact me today, and let me help you make memories with your family as you travel the world.

A shot of a beach in Guam with beach chairs.

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