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Best Family Friendly Things to Do in Molokai

Updated: Mar 9

A photo of cliff side of Molokai.  There is a title that reads Autism Friendly Travel Best Family Friendly Things to do in Molokai.  Molokai is one of my favorite Hawaiian Islands, especially when it comes to slowing down as a family.

You already know there are a lot of islands in Hawaii. But did you know the island that is considered the most “Hawaiian” is Molokai?? You probably shouldn’t search for dozens of touristy destinations on this island, because you will never find too many. However, you will discover a tropical paradise that is full of Hawaiian culture. Once you add in the local population that is at least part Native Hawaiian, you will realize this piece of paradise is what you have been searching for all along.

Molokai is one of my favorite Hawaiian Islands, especially when it comes to slowing down as a family. You can easily spend days at the local beaches doing nothing or exploring the iconic sights and cultures this island is known for.

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Best Family-Friendly Things to Do in Molokai

A photo of surfers at the beach in Molokai.

Post-A-Nut, The Ho’olehua Post Office

Your kids will love choosing an authentic Hawaiian coconut and having a message placed on it at Post-A-Nut. Once the coconut is finished, it can be mailed back home to the grandparents via the Ho’olehua Post Office.

Purdy’s All-Natural Macadamia Nut Farm

This macadamia nut farm was opened back in 1980. The five acres of land is filled with macadamia nuts. The owners will let your family explore, as they share their wealth of knowledge about these delicious nuts. You must relax under the shade of a tree when you are visiting because that is the best place to sample some of the macadamia nuts, as well as their macadamia blossom honey.

Molokai Plumeria

If your kids want truly authentic leis that they create themselves, you must take the time to visit Molokai Plumeria. During your time at this plumeria, you will learn about the flowers used in the leis, while also learning how to make your own to wear when you are exploring the rest of the island.

Kalaupapa Overlook

Some of the best views in Molokai can be found right at the Kalaupapa Overlook. A quick walk along a paved path will have you enjoying the views of the Kalaupapa Peninsula in no time at all. I recommend you take your camera because the views of the massive sea cliffs are something you will want to capture so you remember it forever!

Murphy’s Beach

One of the best family-friendly beaches on Molokai is Murphy’s Beach. You may hear this beach referred to as Kumimi Beach Park because that was its name until the 1970s. The shallow waters at this beach are perfect for both small and big children, as well as adults. I recommend doing a little snorkeling in this area because it is full of tropical fish.

The surf can get strong at this beach though, especially out past the reefs. Therefore, you must be cautious if you choose to enter the water when there are strong waves coming in.

Big Wind Kite Factory

Free factory tours are available for your family at the Big Wind Kite Factory. As you explore this factory, you will see how all their kites and windsocks are created. The staff will share a few of their secrets, especially when they are giving you a free kite flying lesson at the Aeronautical Testing Facility next door.

Molokai Museum and Cultural Center

The Molokai Museum and Cultural Center can be found inside an old sugar mill. The R. W. Meyer Sugar Mill was constructed back in 1878. It is currently listed as part of the National Register of Historic Sites. A visit to this museum will have your family learning about how the plantation workers spent their days and nights. Inside the museum, some of the exhibits include copper clarifiers, mule-driven cane crushers, and an operational steam engine. Before you leave the Molokai Museum and Cultural Center, you must take the time to wander through the gift shop and venture down to the family cemetery.

Halawa Tropical Flower Farm

Tropical flowers are everywhere on the Hawala Tropical Flower Farm. You can easily wander through the fields to explore all the colors, shapes, and sizes. While you may not want to spend an entire day at this farm, you can combine a trip here with the nearby Hawaiian waterfalls.

These are the eight best family-friendly things to do in Molokai. While these may not be your usual touristy things to do while vacationing on one of the Hawaiian Islands, each one will keep your kids entertained. I would love to know which of these options would make it onto your Molokai itinerary, so let’s connect today!

Are you ready to plan your family vacation in Molokai?

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