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Consider Hiring a Nanny for Vacation Getaways

A title reads Consier Hiring a Nanny for Vacation Getaways.  Traveling as a family can be hectic and overwhelming.  Afterall, you are trying to pack as many things as possible into the few days you can sneak aways from your busy life. There is a woman and a child playing with blocks.

Traveling as a family can be hectic and overwhelming. After all, you are trying to pack as many things as possible into the few days you can sneak away from your busy life. However, when you are traveling with an autistic child, cramming activity after activity into your days isn’t going to be possible. They may not want to do what everyone else does. Or they may simply need a break from all the action because they are getting overstimulated. Thankfully, there are options available to you when these scenarios arise. I have hired a nanny for vacations with my boys. Hiring a nanny doesn’t make you a bad parent. Instead, it allows you to consider everyone’s needs and do what’s best for everyone. This service is an add-on to booking a vacation package with me!

Consider Hiring a Nanny for Vacation Getaways

Reasons to Hire a Nanny for Vacation

There are so many reasons why you should consider hiring a nanny for vacation getaways. The first reason is quite obvious. Everyone can always use another set of eyes while traveling. This is especially true when you have a child with high needs or one-on-one care requirements or even a strong-willed child who simply wants to do what they want when they want. 

Having an extra set of eyes and hands will give you peace of mind while you are away from home. 

A nanny can go on rides with your kids. They can stay with any children who don’t want to go on a specific ride. They can even stay in the resort room with the kids who need a little downtime. 

You can even escape for a quiet meal or adult adventure, knowing your kids will be safe with your nanny. 

I do realize that many all-inclusive resorts and cruises offer babysitting services. However, not all resorts and cruise lines have staff trained to work with autistic children or children with other disabilities. 

What to Expect When Hiring a Nanny for Vacation Getaways

I work with Break Relief Sitters for our vacations. Every one of the nannies who work for Break Relief Sitters are trained to work with kids who have autism and other disabilities. 

When I first started looking to hire a nanny for vacation, it was a little overwhelming. However, Nichelle and her team made the entire process seamless. I was able to meet our nanny before our vacation. This allowed the nanny to get to know us and vice versa. 

Our nanny does everything a nanny or respite worker would do. They can give you a break, so you can relax and recharge while on vacation. You may even find that they step in at the exact moment you need them to without being asked. 

Yes, they are trained that well and love the children and families they work with. 

It is possible to receive the support you need while on vacation with your autistic family. While you could rely on the resort staff and other resources available while traveling, nothing compares to hiring a nanny for vacation. You will receive more personalized service while feeling like you are welcoming a new member into your family. 

Ready to work with a nanny for your next vacation? Let me work with you to plan your vacation and include Break Relief Sitters in all the fun. You will be surprised at how amazing a vacation with a nanny will turn out. 

A woman and children are playing with some toys.  There is a title that reads Consiring hiring a nanny for vacation.

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