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Is Meow Wolf Convergence Station Autism Friendly?

Updated: Mar 9

IsA photo of purple and blue lights with a title of  Meow Wolf Convergence Station Autism Friendly convergence station autism friendly?  An immersive art experience for all ?

Immersive art exhibitions are popping up in numerous cities. One of the most popular exhibitions is the one created by Meow Wolf.

The Meow Wolf Convergence Station just opened in Denver, Colorado. It is the third permanent exhibition by Meow Wolf. While this immersive art experience isn’t considered completely autism-friendly; it is great for families. If you have been to Meow Wolf’s House of the Eternal in Santa Fe, you may think you know what to expect. However, this new Meow Wolf is even more confusing. I will share exactly how in a moment. Before I do, I would like you to know that as a travel advisor who specializes in autistic travel, I can help you plan an amazing vacation that includes Meow Wolf Convergence Station. Simply contact me today to learn more about how I can help.

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The owner of Spectrum Getaways in front of Meow Wolf Convergence Stations he is mid spin.

Is Meow Wolf Convergence Station Autism Friendly?

Meow Wolf Convergence Station

The owner of Spectrum Getaways and her son sit on a bus in Convergence Station.

Okay, now back to Meow Wolf Convergence Station. This immersive art exhibition is filled with tons of hidden streets that don’t immediately lead back out to the main area. There are multiple floors too, so your confusion may grow. Some of the elevators you enter are not usable. That means you will need to leave that elevator to either use the stairs or find a different elevator to take you through even more confusing spaces.

Is Meow Wolf Convergence Station Autism Friendly?

The Meow Wolf Convergence Station website does state the following: “This exhibition features dark spaces, low lighting, low overhangs, tight spaces, crawl spaces, narrow walkways, steep staircases, flashing/strobe lights, theatrical fog effects, music, some loud noises, and exposed material.” This is an excellent start for autistic families. However, since you have no clue where the loud noises, or other features your autistic child may be wary of, are located, your visit can get tricky. I can say that there are very helpful team members available everywhere. They can easily guide you to a quieter space if your child needs a sensory break. They can even get you to an exit quickly. I can understand why Meow Wolf does not provide maps to everyone that enters. After all, the goal is to enjoy all the confusion in the immersive art. However, autistic families can benefit from a map when leaving a space quickly is necessary.

It is also important to note that no strollers or bags are permitted inside the Meow Wolf Convergence Station. You must leave those items inside your car if you happened to take your car into the city. Some people do not since parking can be costly in Denver. You must plan your visit carefully, so you do not show up with items that you cannot take with you since there is no storage area.

Meow Wolf Convergence Station Sensory Bags

Meow Wolf does offer sensory bags to guests who have a sensitivity to certain aspects of the immersive art experience. These bags are free and can be requested upon your arrival at the Coat Check Desk on the first floor.

Inside the sensory bags, you will find:

  • Sunglasses for adults and children

  • Noise reduction headsets for adults and children

  • Fidget toys and spinners

Sensory bags are a fantastic step in the right direction for autistic families. Our Visit to Meow Wolf Convergence Station. My boys and I really enjoyed our visit to Meow Wolf Convergence Station. Yes, it was new and more confusing than the House of the Eternal in Santa Fe. But since we had already been to a different one, my boys knew a little about what to expect. On the first level, there is the ticket area, gift shop, and a restaurant that serves unicorn poop ice cream. You know we all had to get some of that as a little treat! The first level is actually the lowest sensory space in my opinion. There is a calming dark room with projections all over the floors and walls. This space doesn’t have all the bright colors, extreme darkness, or loud sounds the rest of the areas do.

This is a space station, so when you are ready, you will enter a one-way elevator. The elevator really adds to the storytelling of the Convergence Station. However, if you think the elevator will be too much for your autistic child, you can take the stairs. At the end of your elevator ride, or walk up the stairs, you will be met with a “grimy” space station filled with tons of “ads” and “restaurants”, as well as cars parked on the street. There is a bug you can walk through and a truck you can enter. Basically, if you can imagine what a cyberpunk space station would look like, this would be it. There are tons of dark rooms and loud spaces to explore. A cast of characters walk around and will approach you to talk. My oldest son was quite unnerved when a character approached him, so I intervened right away.

The owner of Spectrum Getaways son standing in front of washing machines in Meow Wolf Convergence Station.

We explored many of the restaurants. Some of those restaurants took us to gaming rooms. One of the gaming rooms had plastic rats locked in a “Punch It Out” type game. There were even competitive games you could play with other family members. My boys loved the bus. My boys preferred to sit on the bus and pretend to drive it. They would welcome passengers on board. It was one of their favorite spaces because it had a medium sensory level. Yes, people were around, either passing through or sitting down. Yet, the sound levels were lower, because music was drifting in from other rooms. Most guests simply passed through the bus to an area filled with drum sets on the walls. Those drums randomly played music. Another room nearby was a bayou-style room. Inside there are hidden clues that must be unlocked to learn more about the Convergence Station. That room was quite loud, think concert loud. I don’t think the ear muffs my boys had on helped keep the sound levels down.

Another one of my boys’ favorite spaces was the kaleidoscope room. In the middle of the room was a table that could be turned. When the table was turned, it would spin the entire ceiling. The mech robots in the room could be programmed to change the star constellations on the ceiling.

We spent approximately three hours exploring Meow Wolf Convergence Station. I don’t want to give away all the spoilers. Simply be prepared for this to be a sensory overload experience for your autistic family. It’s a truly sensory experience with lights and darks. Plus, you can touch pretty much any part of the exhibits. My boys truly loved our visit and can’t wait until we head out to the Meow Wolf Omega Mart in Las Vegas.

Do you want to see more of our time at Meow Wolf Convergence Station? Check out my Instagram video here.

Contact me if you are ready to plan your own visit to Meow Wolf Convergence Station with your autistic family. I am ready to make all your vacation dreams come true.

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