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Looking to Take a Holiday Vacation this Year? Consider These Family-Friendly Options!

Updated: Mar 9

A photo of a Christmas Market.  A title read - Looking to Take a Holiday Vacation this Year? Consider These Family-Friendly Options!

Things are looking up when it comes to family travel this year, so your options are not going to be as limited when it comes to planning a holiday vacation. As a travel advisor, I have been keeping up to date with the ever-changing guidelines for travel. While there is nothing set in stone yet, and the guidelines will continue to change, I have some amazing news if you want to escape to new destinations this year! There are so many options available for family travel and your family will fall in love with most of the holiday vacation choices you can make.

Looking to Take a Holiday Vacation this Year?

Consider These Family-Friendly Options!

Beaches All Over the United States

Beaches are an excellent option for your family-friendly holiday vacation this year! There is normally lots of space on most beaches, which is excellent for social distancing. During the winter holidays, you may prefer beaches in warmer climates like Florida or the Caribbean. However, during the warmer months of the year, holidays might be better spent on the beaches in the northeastern parts of the US.

A womand skining on a slope in Vermont.  There is a bright blue sky and she is wearing an orange and black snow suit.

Hit the Ski Slopes

During the winter holidays, there is nothing better than hitting the ski slopes. There are so many ski resorts to choose from in the United States, as well as over in Europe. If you are looking to stay closer to home this holiday season, I recommend considering Vail or Aspen in Colorado and Park City in Utah. Over in the northeast, Stowe in Vermont is an excellent option, as is Whiteface Mountain in New York state.

Last year, ski resorts were required to operate at reduced capacity. There are no guidelines in place yet for this coming year, but it is recommended you book your holiday travel plans early. This will ensure you have everything in place for an amazing holiday vacation this year.

A row of colorful houses on the canals in Amsterdam.

The European Union

There are so many reasons to visit Europe from the amazing Volcanos in Iceland, the wonderful food in Portugal to a truly autism friendly experience in Ireland. There is a little bit of everything in Europe.

A brief overview of ETIAS

The ETIAS travel authorization is required for passport holders who do not need a visa to travel to any of these 30 European countries. An individual's passport is linked to their travel document. The card is valid for three years or until the passport expires, whichever comes first. ETIAS travel authorizations need to be renewed when you get a new passport.

Travel authorizations with ETIAS allow you to travel to any of these European countries as often as you like for short-term stays - normally for 90 days in any 180-day period. The visa, however, does not guarantee entry. You will be asked to show your passport and other documents when you arrive at the border.

A sunset photo with rows and rows of yellow beach chairs on the a beach.  There are cospes of palm trees scattered between the beach chairs.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean Islands are like a dream come true, with sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush forests waiting to be explored! Jump into the water for an epic snorkeling adventure, or soak up the sun on a sailboat ride, letting all your troubles float away. And for the wilder souls, why not swim with some friendly dolphins? Let the island adventures begin!

A sunset photo of a Princess Cruise line ship.  It is sailing off into the distance.


Picture this: All-inclusive and non-stop fun under the sun! Cruises are the ultimate bang for your buck, packing accommodations, meals, entertainment, and even transportation between dreamy destinations into one sweet deal. No more schlepping your suitcases around cobblestone streets or dealing with train schedules. Just sit back, relax, and let your floating hotel whisk you off to exotic locales. Feeling indecisive about where to go? Choose an itinerary that hits all the top spots on your bucket list.

But wait, there's more! From kiddos to grandparents, everyone's in for a good time on board. The little ones can frolic in well-equipped kids' areas while the adults soak up some sun or take part in adult activities.

Looking for some family vacation inspo? Look no further! Drop me a line and let me help you plan an unforgettable voyage with your loved ones.

A black mother in a black jacket and grey scarf is smiling down at her daughter with a yellow beanie on.  They are looking at Christmas Ornaments.

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