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Safety at Theme Parks

There is a swing ride with bright yellow lights. There is a title that says Autism Friendly Travel Safety at theme Parks. Visiting theme parks for a family vacation can be quite an adventure. There are so many things to do inside these parks.

Visiting theme parks for a family vacation can be quite an adventure. There are so many things to do inside these parks. You can all go on rides, watch shows, and even stand on the streets as the parades go by. However, with all that activity comes crowds of people and safety concerns. While every family has concerns with safety when they travel, autistic families have even more concerns since some autistic children might not be able to respond to basic questions. Here are some tips to promote safety at theme parks with your autistic family.

Safety at Theme Parks

A photo of the Mickey Mouse Ferris Wheel at Disney's California Adventure.

Information Card in Lanyard

When I visit a theme park with my autistic boys, I insert a card into their lanyards. This card has all of my information on it in case one of them gets lost. It also states that my boys are autistic. All my boys would need to do is show the card in the lanyard to a cast member.

Yes, I have made sure that each of my sons knows my name, our address, and my phone number. However, I also know in scary situations, they may be too overwhelmed to respond with the information they know. This is why I have written out this card, so they can respond in the only way they may be able to.

I made an editable one you can use as a base and design your own.

Travel ID Bracelet

A travel ID bracelet can serve the same purpose as the information card I just mentioned. You can even do a travel ID necklace. Basically, whichever item you know your child will wear and keep on is the one you should use.

Temporary Medical Tattoos

A temporary medical tattoo can work just as well as a card. It can instantly show a cast member the information they need to know if there is an emergency. Most of the time, these tattoos are used to share medical information like diabetes or epilepsy. They can be used for autistic children though.

If you don’t want to go the temporary tattoo route, you can always write your name and phone number with a sharpie on your arm.

Bright Colored Clothing

Okay, so having your autistic child wear bright-colored clothing isn’t going to help them if they get separated from you. However, it will help you find them among all the people and will help other people who are trying to locate them too.

You may even want to take a picture of your child before you enter the theme park. That way if the unthinkable does happen, you aren’t trying to remember how your child was dressed. You can easily answer the questions asked of you, so your child can be found quickly.

These are some of the best ways to promote safety at theme parks with your autistic family. However, you may have other ideas that work better for your autistic child. I am all for doing what is best for you and your child. After all, the only goal is to make sure your child is safe, as you are enjoying the magic that is everywhere inside theme parks!

If you are ready to experience that magic firsthand, I can help. Contact me to see how I can plan an amazing and autism-friendly theme park vacation for your family. Let me be one of the valuable resources your family needs to make your next vacation the best it has ever been.

The photo is of the ceiling of the ride from Space Mountain in the line.   There is a title that says Autism-Friendly.  Safety at the Theme Parks Spectrum Getaways

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