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Tips for an Autism-Friendly Vacation in Dubai

Updated: Jan 4

A sunset photo of the Dubai Sky Line.  There is a title that reads Autism Friendly Travel Tips for an Autism-Friendly Vacation in Dubai.  The city of Dubai used to be a sleepy, small, fishing and pearling village.  Things have definitely changed over the years.

The city of Dubai used to be a sleepy, small, fishing and pearling village. Things have definitely changed over the years! Especially since Dubai is now known as a vibrant city full of history, delicious cuisine, shopping, and autism-friendly activities. No wonder tourists from all over the world have been booking flights to check out this amazing destination! As an autistic family, you will love all the recent changes in Dubai. I am talking about how many businesses are making accommodations to ensure autistic families like yours enjoy every moment of their visit. Today, I am going to be sharing a few tips with you, so you can enjoy an autism-friendly vacation in Dubai.

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Tips for an Autism-Friendly Vacation in Dubai

A aerial shot of the famous 7 Star hotel in Dubai Burg Al-Arab.

Utilize the Priority Route Through the Dubai International Airport

Recently, Dubai International Airport created a priority route for passengers with hidden disabilities. The fast-track routes were designed to ensure autistic families like yours can get through security, passport control, and check-in much faster.

You will need to request a sunflower lanyard to utilize these routes in the airport.

The airport also has a sensory room that your autistic family can use either when you arrive in Dubai or when it is time to leave. Inside the room, you will find many different sensory toys and tools for your autistic child.

Visit Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame is one of the autism-friendly attractions in the city. This attraction offers three hundred sixty-degree views of the entire city. Start on the ground floor and check out the museum. Then head up to the Sky Deck to see the sights.

Visit Children’s City

Children’s City can be found within Creek Park in Dubai. This educational park offers plenty of interactive activities for children of all ages. Your autistic child can engage in activities about the topics that interest them the most.

Some of the topics at Children’s City include space exploration, the science of the human body, and nature. There is a planetarium for stargazing too.

Visit Quranic Park

Islamic traditions and history can be learned during a visit to Quranic Park. There are four different sections for your family to see here. Those sections include The Miracles Cave, The Greenhouse, The Lake, and The Orchards.

It is free to wander around this park. However, there is a fee to enter a few of the areas you may want to explore.

Attend a Sensory Friendly Movie

Certain movie theaters in Dubai offer sensory-friendly movie screenings. During these movies, the lights are on low. The volume is turned down. And there are no advertisements or trailers to sit through before the movie actually begins.

Utilize the Quiet Carriage on Public Transportation

The public transportation in Dubai is amazing. Especially since they started using quiet carriages for people who are sensitive to noise. Sitting in these areas will ensure a quiet and stimulant-free ride to your destination.

Shop During Quiet Hours at Shopping Centers

There are a few shopping centers in Dubai that offer quiet hours for autistic families. Fewer people are allowed inside, which creates a more welcoming experience for anyone who dislikes crowds. The lights are dimmed and the music is turned down too.

Dine at a Street Food Market

A street food market is an excellent place to dine with your autistic family. The reason for this is you can all choose the foods that interest you the most from any of the vendors.

Dining at a street food market will make it easier for your autistic child to try new foods and find the ones they like.

Following these tips will ensure your family can enjoy an autism-friendly vacation in Dubai. I can help ensure every part of your vacation in Dubai is autism friendly when I plan and book your trip. I will ask you the appropriate questions to ensure I know what your autistic family needs while away from home. I will then use what I learn to plan every part of your itinerary. Contact me today to see how I make planning autism-friendly vacations simple for you.

A night time photo of the palm area of Dubai.  There are fireworks going off.  There is a title that reads Autism Friendly Vacation Autism-Friendly Dubai Spectrum Getaways

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