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Tips for Making Hawaii an Autism-Friendly Vacation Destination

A photo of a sunset beach in Hawaii.  There are purples, pinks, and oranges in the sky.  There is a title that says Autism Friendly Travel Tips for making Hawaii an autism friendly vacation Destisnation.  As a parent of an autistic child, you know you need to choose autism friendly vacation destinations.

As a parent of an autistic child, you know you need to choose autism-friendly vacation destinations. You need a place where tranquility fills parts of the day. Access to swimming pools, or the ocean, is usually a must for many autistic families too. Then you have accommodations to consider, activities, and so much more. It isn’t surprising how some parents of autistic children think that autism-friendly vacations simply aren’t possible. I want to change that thought process today by sharing how Hawaii can be an amazing autism-friendly destination for your family. Yes, I know that flying to Hawaii takes time. But the journey is worth every moment for the precious time you get, as you see your child fall in love with the Hawaiian Islands.

Let’s begin with how Hawaii is a beautiful and incredibly welcoming destination. The soft sandy beaches lead to sparkling water. The lush rainforests allow nature lovers to explore at their own pace. And the unique culture will have you embracing new traditions during this time away from home. There is no doubt that the Hawaiian Islands offer everything autistic families need for a fabulous vacation. Read this post to learn more about Tips for Making Hawaii an Autism-Friendly Vacation Destination!

A mother and her daughter walking on the cobblestone street.

Tips for Making Hawaii an Autism-Friendly Vacation Destination

1. Be Aware of Sensory Overload

It can be easy for an autistic child to become overstimulated while visiting a new destination. It is true that Hawaii can be an overwhelming place. After all, there are noisy crowds, bright lights, and an abundance of vibrant colors.

I recommend considering the needs of your family, or your autistic child, when planning your trip. It is always best to choose activities that will not be too overstimulating. I can assist with this process if I am planning your trip for you.

2. Always Do Your Research

Before planning any activities, or attraction visits, it is always an excellent idea to do your research. Read reviews from people who have completed the activities or seen the attraction. These reviews, and other research, will allow you to be better prepared when you are on vacation in Hawaii.

The best part is you can share this information with your autistic child. This will allow them to have a more enjoyable experience. Plus, it can reduce their anxiety levels beforehand since they will know what to expect.

3. Allow for Plenty of Time

Rushing can be stressful for parents and kids. Autistic children will feel that stress even more. This is why I always recommend allowing for plenty of time for every activity on your trip. This includes arriving early at the airport and even arriving at your destination early.

I have found there is nothing worse than reaching a destination closer to bedtime and having no time to get acclimated to our new surroundings. I personally leave early in the day, so we can reach our destination earlier. This way, we can explore our hotel a little before it’s time for lights out.

4. Take Advantage of Technology

We use a lot of technology nowadays. I completely understand if you would love to have a technology-free vacation. However, I recommend taking advantage of technology to make your vacation in Hawaii as autism friendly as possible.

Embrace apps that will allow you to plan ahead and make reservations. Download those apps that are packed with helpful resources and tips. Your autistic child may even find an app that provides visual schedules and reminders helpful.

Don’t discount technology when it comes to making a family vacation as autism friendly as possible.

By following these four tips, Hawaii can be an amazing destination for autistic children and families. Simply take the time to do a little thoughtful preparation and everyone in your family can enjoy the beauty of Hawaii. Contact me today to see how I can help you achieve an autism-friendly vacation in Hawaii. I guarantee you won’t regret taking a chance at this stunning destination.

A sunkissed beach in Hawaii.  There is a title that reads Autism Friendly Vacation Tips to Make Hawai'i Autism Friendly Spectrum Getaways

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