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Things to Consider for an Autism-Friendly Vacation in Hawaii

There is a pink sunset photo with a couple of palm trees in the background.  The photo is blurry.  There is a title that spays Autism Friendly Travel.  Thiings to Consider for an autism-friendly vacation in Hawaii.  Planning an autism-friendly vacation in Hawaii can be slightly overwhelming.

Planning an autism-friendly vacation in Hawaii can be slightly overwhelming. Especially if you don’t consider a few things before diving right into the planning process. If you use a Certified Autism Travel Professional like me, I will make sure you have the answers you need before I begin to personalize your Hawaiian vacation itinerary. Click here to begin this process.

Things to Consider for an Autism-Friendly Vacation in Hawaii

A photo of Diamond Head on the island of O'ahu.  You can see waves coming in on the shore along with boats on the show and hotels sprinkled along the beach.

Do You Want to Island Hop or Stay on One Island?

One of the biggest things you should consider for an autism-friendly vacation in Hawaii is where you want to visit. Some people prefer to stay on one island. Others want to see as many of the Hawaiian Islands as possible. So, they choose to island hop.

Honestly, there are pros and cons to each option. The pros of island hopping include the fact your family will see multiple islands. This means more attractions and more adventures.

The cons to island hopping include inter-island flights, packed itineraries, and less time to explore a single destination.

When you choose to visit one island, you will be able to fully immerse yourselves in the lives of the locals. You can see more of the hidden gems. And have the downtime your family may need.

Which Hawaiian Island is Best for Your Family?

There are six Hawaiian Islands that you can visit for an autism-friendly vacation. The most popular islands include Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island. Other islands you may choose to visit include Kauai, Lanai, and Molokai.

Each one of these islands offers plenty of adventures, attractions, and cultural activities. So, which one is best for your family?

Well, Oahu is best if you want a big-city vibe to go along with days at the beach. You can shop until you drop and dine in some incredible restaurants.

Over in Maui, your family will find a tropical paradise. This is the perfect island for your family if you all love to see volcanoes and rainforests. Add in lots of time at the beach and you will have a vacation for the memory books!

The Big Island of Hawaii is where you will find Volcanoes National Park. Kauai is known as the Garden Isle.

Lanai and Molokai are more low-key and less touristy. Yet, that doesn’t mean they need to be crossed off your list of possibilities. You may actually get a more authentic experience on these two islands.

When Should You Book Your Autism-Friendly Vacation in Hawaii?

I always tell people it is best to book an autism-friendly vacation in Hawaii well in advance. This will ensure you have the flight times you want. Trust me, flying at times that won’t work well for your autistic child is not the way you want to start a Hawaiian vacation!

Booking early also ensures you can stay in the accommodations of your choosing because everything won’t already be reserved.

When Should You Book All Your Activities?

I recommend booking all of your activities as soon as you can. The Hawaiian Islands are not a place where you want to “wing it”. Plus, in order to make this an autism-friendly vacation, you will want this information handy, so you can share it with your autistic child. Especially if your autistic child dislikes surprises and prefers to be prepared for what is happening.

Do You Need Transportation?

Most of the time, a rental car will be quite helpful while on vacation in Hawaii. Especially if you need to leave earlier than planned from an activity one day.

However, we can discuss your family’s needs and determine whether you actually need a rental car while on one of the Hawaiian Islands.

How to Pack for an Autism-Friendly Vacation in Hawaii?

When you start to pack for your vacation in Hawaii, you will want to consider the activities you will be doing. This will ensure you have the proper clothing for each activity.

I also have a helpful packing list for autism travel that may come in handy for all your future vacations.

Considering all these things will help a lot, as you start to plan an autism-friendly vacation in Hawaii. What would help even more though is using me as a resource and letting me plan your vacation for you. I can easily personalize your autism-friendly vacation in Hawaii, so your family has all your needs met while away from home. Contact me today to learn how to get started.

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